Live Cheese Tasting Every Tuesday Night

With lively and engaging discussion, resident cheese expert Charlie Turnbull guides us through the best categories of cheese. Using the unique methodology we created in our Structured Approach to Tasting Cheese.

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Stranger Blues: Tuesday Night is Cheese Night #6 with Charlie Turnbull
    #TNCN with Charlie Turnbull & Nigel Barden- Discussing World Cheese TV and the stranger people he has encountered in the cheeses decades reporting the cheese world  
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Cheese Lovers' Question Time with #TNCN for the British Cheese Weekender
      Your chance to put your cheese questions to cheese experts Charlie Turnbull, Academy of Cheese Director and Trainer, Jamie Montgomery, legendary cheesemaker and Ruth ...
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Stilton & Friends with Charlie Turnbull & Marcus Brigstocke
    #TNCN with Charlie Turnbull & Marcus Brigstocke - discussing Stilton, judging cheese in Italy together and the great British Cheese Weekender
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Tasting Goudas With Charlie Turnbull
  30 minutes of cheese chat with Charlie Turnbull and the Academy of Cheese. This week we are talking Gouda, with some classic Dutch Reypenaer, Wyngaard Goats, and our own ...
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Goats Cheese Tasting
  This week we taste and discuss Goat cheeses which used to be one of the most popular cheese in the world. But it has become a little bit rarer and it's some people's ...
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Episode 2: Soft & Gooey Cheese Tasting
  For our cheddar week we were joined by cheese lovers across the globe; from Norway to South Africa, Brazil to Hong Kong, thank you to all who joined us to share the ...
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Episode 1: Cheddar Cheese Tasting
  Hosted by our resident cheese expert Charlie Turnbull bringing you some fun-filled and lively #cheesechat #TNCN. To kick things off we’ll be talking and tasting cheddar, ...
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TNCN - Speakers (1)

Charlie Turnbull

Academy Founding Patron, Director, Food Entrepreneur and Big Cheese

With over 20 years of industry experience in cheese retail, training and education Charlie is an acknowledged expert in cheese. As an esteemed judge at major cheese awards across the globe, Charlie also comperes the prestigious World Cheese Awards, bringing his expertise and flair to the stage! Charlie is a Founding Patron, Director and Training Partner at the Academy of Cheese.